Yep, this is our family of four, dad Bart, Casper, Finley and mum Vanessa. Enjoying our last day in Rocky Mountain National Park. There is still one missing in this picture ... our silly, sweet cat Tao.

It all began in 1996. Bart and I met during our studies on a spaghetti party. We were instantly in love with each others smile and love remained.

In 1998 we got married. Soon we shared our love for Canada and America by exploring these countries. The beginning of a greater adventure ...

In the winter of 2007, we made our last trip without kids. It is to say, there traveled one with us in my belly. Our trip took us to the sunny Malta. There our website www.yourtripto-go.com was born. In a first brainstorming session, we thought how we could pour our knowledge and experience about North America in a website. After many years of hard work with just the two of us, the website got enough content to publish it. And that's what we initiated now.

With www.yourtripto-go.com, www.northamericatouring.com, vanessa.reislogger.nl and this blog we want to bring the USA, Canada and ourselves a little bit closer to you, the traveller. Create your own trip, get ideas, let us make your custumized trip and above all ENJOY IT!

January 18, 2016 

The 2 brohters Finley is crazy about the trampoline Cat TAo among the lego train

The two brothers love a little silliness Casper loves horse riding Casper and Finley are crazy about each other